Saturday, January 31, 2009

Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter Storm 2009

So, we've had some crazy weather here recently, but thankfully, we still have power right now. I'm praying that we don't lose it before all the ice and snow melt! My parents came up along with my niece, Bella, this past week to help with the girls, since I had lithotripsy on Tuesday (basically, it's a procedure to break up kidney stones, and I'm sure most of you who read this have heard that I was diagnosed with kidney stones a few weeks ago), and Elle had a blast playing with them. She woke up this morning and the first thing she said was, "Where's Nana?" And then asked for Papa and Bella also. Here's a link to some pictures I posted on facebook, if you haven't seen them:

Monday, January 19, 2009


Lauren's been a little neglected on here lately, so I wanted to post a few pictures from this past week. She's 4-months-old now, which I can't believe! I'll post a journal-like entry about her soon (like I used to do with Elle), but I wanted to get these up while I had the chance. Lauren is the sweetest baby and really easygoing compared to her sister. And, I know I'm biased, but isn't she the cutest?!?!

First Big Snow of the Year

All ready to brave the cold (actually at 29 degrees, it's the warmest it's been in a while!):

Very excited about stomping through the snow:

Trying to get mama:

Tasting the snow:

Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Christmas Season

Well, the past few weeks have been crazy with preparing for and celebrating the holidays and traveling to visit family and friends, so I'm just now getting a chance to post something. Even though I felt a little rushed and stressed at the end, I thoroughly enjoyed this Christmas season. It was so fun to watch Elle's reactions to everything and I know future Christmases will be even more fun. Elle loved the advent calendar I made and got really excited about getting her treat everyday and about blowing out the candles on our advent calendar. We went over the story of Jesus' birth many times, and my mom even sent us home with paper cutouts telling the story, so Elle loves to lay it all out on the floor while I tell the story. She especially loves anything that looks like baby Jesus and makes sure that the Wise Men are next to Him, since they're bringing Him presents!

Elle was also introduced to Santa this year and, as with so many other things, including animals and any dressed-up characters, she loved him from afar. She would be get really excited to see him, but freak out when we got close. We even took her to go on a sleigh ride with Santa pulled by a horse and she couldn't wait the whole time in line. She kept running after the sleigh waving and saying, "Stop, Santa, come here! Come back Santa!" However, when it was our turn, she started crying when she got close to him. We figured she would calm as the sleigh started to move, but she screamed the entire time! I guess there's always next year!

We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning here at our home in Louisville, and it was so nice to begin some family traditions of our own. We went to mass as a family and then had a ham and appetizer dinner complete with eggnog and cookies that Elle and I made earlier in the week. Elle and Lauren opened just one present--new pajamas, before heading to bed early, so "Santa" could set up her big presents. We had bought her a play kitchen and it took Kyle about 3 hours to put it together, since it seems that NOTHING was put together in the box. I couldn't believe how many pieces were spread out on the floor when I came down from putting Elle to bed! Luckily, Elle's Mimi (Kyle's mom) was here to help. Elle's other big gift was a tricyle from Mimi (it only took about 20 minutes to put together!), which she, of course, loved. Christmas morning included brunch and mimosas and lots of time in pajamas enjoying Elle's new toys, before packing up for our whirlwind trip. Lauren obviously didn't really know what was going on but has become such a smiley baby lately! She's so cute when she get all happy, and still remains a much more laid back baby than Elle. Who knew a baby could sit in her swing and have fun batting at toys for 15 minutes?!?!?

We visited lots of family beginning on Christmas Day, and Elle had a blast everywhere we went. At Kyle's family in Bowling Green, KY, she went up to almost everyone there and talked to them and roped them into taking care of her new baby doll. I have never seen her more outgoing! Then, in Augusta, GA, she had soo much fun with all her cousins and can't stop talking about them. She and Grant (Tarolyn's little boy who is 5 months younger than Elle) chased each other all over the place and the older cousins were so sweet about looking out for Elle and including her in what they were playing. We definitely need to visit again soon! We also attended my parents' vow renewal ceremony while in Augusta, and I think Elle had more fun than Nana and Papa. I warned them ahead of time that you can't expect a 2-yr-old to quiet during the whole ceremony and Elle certainly proved me right. She kept yelling, "Nana, Papa, come here!" as they walked down the aisle. And once she discovered that her voice echoed in the church, it was over. She even yelled, "Oh yeah!" while we were standing at the altar for their vows. She danced the night away at the reception, and all of this with only a 30 minute nap! After the vow renewal, we were so blessed to be able to have my dad perform Lauren's baptism, since he's now a deacon. Tarolyn and Dan were the godparents and they were a perfect choice, especially since they're little girl (due in March) will be so close to Lauren's age. Our last stop was in Macon, GA and Elle always enjoys seeing her Mimi!

Here are are few pictures from the Christmas Season, but please click on the following links to see more pictures: