Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy 6 months to Ava!

I'm a little late in getting this on the blog, but I wrote this for my baby girl to remember her at 6 months--love her!

My sweet, baby Ava,
You have been in our family for 6 months already, and still you amaze me every day. I have enjoyed each of my girls as babies, but you are my third little girl and I know in my heart how quickly these moments pass, how newborn grunts and stretches turn all too soon into baby screeches and gummy grins. And I know that you will be toddling and talking in what will seem like minutes, so I have been soaking every one of your easy and beautiful smiles, every cute laugh, and every single time you cry just because you want your mommy. We have called you sweet baby Ava from the beginning, and you have certainly lived up to this name; you are the sweetest baby, rarely crying unless you are tired or hungry (although you have just developed some separation anxiety, so you do want your mommy a lot, which is fine by me!) and smiling at everyone you meet. You have fit in with our family so well that I can barely remember a time without you here, even though it's only been 6 months since you arrived. You are babbling and screeching, though you are still our quietest baby so far, and you can already sit up for a few seconds on your own. You like to roll, but you spend very little time on the ground, so you are not on the move yet, and for that I am thankful. You are very grabby and very coordinated with your hands, which makes eating or cooking while holding you more difficult than it was with your sisters. And speaking of your sisters, they are two of your very favorite people. You love to watch them and Elle can almost always make your laugh or smile. You just started playing shy; when people talk to you, you bury your head in my shoulder or chest and then pop back up for a little smile, one of my very favorite phases of babyhood. We have frequently gotten the comment that you are the most beautiful baby people have seen, and I know I am biased, but you are beautiful! You are pretty much my constant companion, since you usually even accompany me and your daddy on date nights, and even then, you are (as we often call you), "the best baby ever". Though I know time passes too quickly, I look forward to watching you grow and seeing your personality develop, but you will always be my sweet baby Ava.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Disney Dancing Queen

When Elle hears music, she can't help but dance. She has always been that way and I can remember commenting when she was really little about how much she loved live music and we worried she would grow up to be a groupie. So, Disney World was, of course, perfect for her. Our last day in Florida, we went to eat at a local restaurant with my parents and sister's family, and there was live music, so Elle, my mom, and my niece, Ashlyn, danced until they called us to our table. I went to ask Elle something at one point and she replied, "Mommy, be quiet please! I'm practicing my new dance moves!" Anyway, here are a few videos of Elle dancing on our recent trip:

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Trip to Florida

I'll have to write a little more about our trip when I get the chance, but we just got home last night from visiting family and going to Disney World. The girls had an absolute blast at Disney, and Lauren was already asking if we can go back on our drive home yesterday. We went to Magic Kingdom the first day and the girls got to meet Cinderella (Elle's favorite), Belle, and Aurora (Lauren's favorite), and they were in heaven. They loved every ride, and everything we did, and even after being at the park for over 10 hrs, they each only had one minor meltdown the whole day. The next day, we went to Hollywood Studios, and they were equally excited, especially with the Beauty and the Beast and the Little Mermaid shows. Elle also loved that they had dancing/singing in the streets every hour or so, and she even got out in the middle with the dancers and tried to copy every move. When we were leaving the park, Elle said, "Mommy, I LOVE this day!" That makes it all the more worth it! She also asked me if the princesses were going to have their "happy ever after", and I said that I thought they were and asked her if she was going to have her "happy ever after." She replied, "When I get married, I will!" Guess we are going to have to do some Disney detox, since she now thinks she needs to be a princess and get married to live happily ever after! Oh well, at least it's a fun dream for a little girl!

We also visited my family in Florida, and the girls loved having so much time with their cousins. Every morning, they would wake up and ask me, "Can we go see our cousins now?!?!?" Anyway, click on the link below to see more pictures in my facebook album: