Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Month 5

So, another month down, and Elle is as wonderful as ever! She has become even more talkative this month, if that’s possible. She started screeching a while ago and then it seemed to drop off a bit as she got more interested in the world around her. And now, she seems to have found her voice again, especially when both mommy and daddy are home. She gets excited and screeches almost all of the time. And she still uses this to get our attention when she feels like we are not paying her enough attention. Anytime someone is over and the attention drifts away from Elle for a few minutes, she starts screeching like crazy so that we will all focus on her again. My little diva!

She has also fallen in love with her daddy this month. I think one of the best moments was the first time she got really excited about him coming home from work. She heard his voice when he walked in the house, turned towards the door, had the biggest smile on her face, and of course, starting screeching at him. It was soo cute, and now she always gets excited when he comes home. She goes to him a lot more than she used to and thinks he is the best toy she’s ever had. Now, if we could just get her to go to someone besides mommy or daddy.

Speaking of that, Elle had her first experience with Parent’s Day Out this month. I decided to try putting her in a program just once a week for three hours so that I could get some things done around the house and to get a break every once in a while. I brought her the first week just to visit and meet the people who would be watching her. Then, the next week, I dropped her off at 9AM with the instructions to call me if she really seemed as though she wouldn’t calm down, and she was not crying when I left. I rushed home and started cleaning furiously. Less than 30 minutes later, they called to tell me that she had been screaming the entire time and would not calm down. She seemed so exhausted that they thought, surely, she’d fall asleep, but she would not stop crying. I, of course, felt awful and rushed back to get her (luckily, I only live two minutes away). When I got there, she was hysterical, but she calmed down as soon as I took her. She was still mad, though, until we left and wouldn’t even nurse (her favorite thing to do!) until she was in her own home. So, I guess we’ll try again in a month or so.

Other than that, Elle has continued to grow and gets more fun every day. Some milestones include being able to sit for a short time unassisted, rolling over both ways (although not very often), and trying even harder to scoot forward (usually she ends up going in circles). She absolutely loves grabbing her toes, and when placed on the ground will spend most of her time holding onto them. Sometimes in the middle of the night after she nurses but is not really asleep (her eyes are still closed though), she’ll start talking and grabbing her toes over and over again. She is also obsessed with cans, especially Miller Lite cans (see the pictures). I don’t know if it’s the blue color or what, but whenever Kyle starts to drink a beer, she can’t stop staring at the can and wants to put it in her mouth. She’s very interested in table food, although we’re still waiting until the six month mark to let her start rice cereal. When we eat dinner, she watches the food the whole time and starts drooling and smacking her lips. Recently, she started teething and it has caused her some discomfort. It makes her a little fussier during the day and has her waking up more often at night, but she is still such a happy baby!

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