Thursday, March 29, 2007

The Half-Year Mark

Elle just turned 6 months old today! She gets more fun everyday, especially as I begin to discover more about her personality. She continues to talk a lot and seems to use new “words” on a daily basis. I know she has no idea what’s coming out of her mouth, but I swear that it often sounds like she’s saying, “Hi, dada.” She has yet to even use the syllable “ma” though! When she wakes up in the morning, she lies in bed by herself and starts talking until I come and get her—it’s so cute!
We are so lucky that, overall, she is a very adaptable baby. Most nights, she is up until 9 or 9:30PM so that she has enough time to see her daddy. However, if we go out to eat and stay out until 1oPM, she’s fine with that, or if we have people over and do not go to bed until 11PM, she’s still happy. As we always tell her, she is such a rock star! She still loves shopping as long as she’s in the sling or wrap, and she always gets comments from other people, “She’s so cute/precious—she looks just like a little doll.” I keep telling Kyle that I need to sell slings or wraps because I think I make a sale every time I take Elle out somewhere.
Elle is still a little shy, or at least, she takes a while to warm up to people, although she is also become more social with strangers. When we are out shopping, she loves the attention from other people and will quickly smile. She will look straight at the person behind the cash register and smile and start talking, even if the person is not looking at her! However, she does not like someone she is not familiar with to hold her. She’s happy as can be talking and smiling at someone when she is in the safety of mom or dad’s arms, but she starts to cry almost immediately if someone else tries to hold her. Grandma Kelly was here for a whole week, and Elle loved all the attention, but was unsure about having Grandma holding her until the end of the week. She did warm up eventually though!
Elle started real food this month too. I was going to wait until the actual 6-month mark, but Kyle convinced me that I was torturing the poor child (she would constantly drool and try to grab our food while we ate!). So, I moved it up a week. She loved her first meal of rice cereal and just tried peas yesterday (we’re not really sure if she liked it, but she did eat it all), and she loves drinking water out of sippy cup with a straw.
Other loves and milestones this month: Elle loves taking walks around the block (sometimes in the stroller and sometimes in the sling or wrap). She almost always falls asleep at the end and loves looking at everything outside. She rolls over both ways and has starting scooting across the floor, although it’s usually sideways! She’s become even more interested in her playmate, Peyton (he’s my neighbor’s little boy and I watch him twice a week); she loves to grab his face and yank on his ears, although she gets scared or upset when other babies cry. She has gotten so much better about riding in the car. She usually does not cry and entertains herself with a toy or by talking. Elle had her first visit to the zoo (with her Grandma), although I think she was more interested in the people than the animals, and she’s been to a couple more playgroups (she loves watching other kids!). She’s still a very happy baby overall, especially when Kyle and I are both home. She screeches, laughs, and talks a lot, and when we take her in the car somewhere together, she gets really excited! Though she’s very happy, she does get frustrated at times, and even then, she’s too cute. She throws her hands up by her head and lets out a little scream. If I’m sitting by her, she grabs my hands and moves them to the toy to let me know she wants my help. Well, that’s all I can think of for now!

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