Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Some activities....

...we've been doing to stay busy during this winter weather (seriously, we've already had snow here!).

Lots of painting (I'll put up more of our painting adventures later):

We started with sponge painting, but with a two-year-old, it always turns into fingerpainting!

And, if you've ever wondered where Lauren is during all of this
(this is why I couldn't live without all my slings/wraps/other carriers!):

Having fun with our new parachute from Nana:

Making nature bracelets:

Making noodle pictures (okay, mostly eating the noodles!):

Trying to entertain baby Lauren (she's been a little fussier lately!):

Putting our "babies" and Minnie Mouse in the sling:

Just being cute (another adorable dress from Elle's godfather, Ryan!):

Having Minnie Mouse picnics:

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