Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A little update

It feels like the girls have been growing faster and faster recently! I keep asking Elle if she could please stop growing and just stay little forever for me, and she always replies, "No, mama, I'm getting bigger and bigger everyday!" Kyle trimmed her hair last night, and I was commenting that it made it her look older, so much more like a little girl, rather than a baby, so when she jumped off the chair at the end, she said, "Look daddy! I'm bigger now!" Guess she'll be requesting a haircut more often!

And Lauren seems to be more of a toddler everyday. She's already started throwing full-blown tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants (I don't remember Elle doing this until she was at least 15 months!). Every single day, she rattles the gate at the bottom of the stairs multiple times and when she realizes it's not open and she can't climb up the stairs (one of her very favorite activities), she screams and throws herself on the ground. It's really pretty funny to watch, and it's amazing how quickly she can be set off by other things too, like anytime Elle gets something that Lauren can't have (it's so tough being the second kid!). Lauren's also been walking everywhere the past few weeks, and trying to copy more words. When the doctor asked me at her check-up if she was talking, I started naming off the words she can say, which includes, "mama; dada; no, no, no; yuck; whoa; and wow." He thought it was a very interesting combination of words, but these are certainly the ones she hears the most often, since she's into everything. Yesterday morning, Lauren was "helping" me with the dishes, and every time she would throw a piece of silverware on the floor, she would yell, "yuck!" Too funny!

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