Thursday, May 26, 2011

She's on the move...

Ava has been scooting/rolling/getting around the house for a while now, but in the past few weeks, she's started really crawling and is much faster. I've already had to pull multiple little toys out of her mouth, so I was hoping she would go straight to walking but no such luck! Ava is loving her new-found freedom, and her new favorite game is to pull on daddy's speaker wires or open the fireplace doors!
In addition to moving, she's been "talking" more and more clearly and says, "Mama" a lot, since she's gotten a bit of separation anxiety. She's usually pretty quiet in a group, but I've noticed that when we're at church now (or somewhere else where it's relatively quiet), she gets pretty loud and starts screeching and talking. I guess she figures it's the one time she can actually hear her own voice, since the other girls drown her out during the day! She is still the sweetest baby, and so easy-going most of the time. Perfect addition to our family!

And of course, since Elle saw me taking pictures, she wanted to get in on them, but it's tough to get Ava to stay still at this point!
So here's my first baby (when did she get so big?!?!):
And of course, we also needed a twirl...

Look at her sweet, little hands...such a cutie!

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