Friday, March 26, 2010

What we've been up to...

I've had this really bad cold the past couple of weeks, and it's definitely slowed us down a little, but I thought I'd post a few pictures of the girls. I didn't get any pictures on this particular day, but on Wednesday, I took the girls to a local animal refuge, Henry's Ark, and it was amazing to see how different they are. When we arrives, there were llamas out that the kids could feed carrots, so Elle was immediately scared and insisted that I hold her (this lasted the entire time we were there!). Lauren, however, walked right up to the animals and fed them. There were also deer and large reindeer and a few other animals you could feed through a fence, and Lauren did not hesitate. She would walk right up by herself and feed every animal; she didn't even want my help (although I still helped some to insure she kept all of her fingers!). There were dogs, a goat, cats, and peacocks also roaming around free, and Lauren never once wanted me to hold her. She has no fear! It was just so interesting to watch, since she was the smallest kid there, and here I was with her older sister in my arms, clinging to me for dear life! Just shows me how much of their personality they are born with.

Elle is very into imaginative play right now, and she's gotten even more bossy (hard to believe!), so sometimes she's interested in doing projects with me and sometimes she's not. On St. Patrick's Day, we did a few rainbow-themed activities, and this was by far her favorite:

I can't remember where I saw the idea, but we used milk and basically did a color-mixing experiment (i.e. we started with just red, yellow and blue milk and then mixed combos of those colors to get the rest). She thought it was magic, and she loved drinking the purple milk at the end! Elle has also always enjoyed playing in the rain, so even though it was chilly last Sunday, she still insisted on going out. As you can see, Lauren wasn't as much of a fan!

Here are the girls with their new towels from Nana. When we pulled it out of the box, Elle immediately asked if I could help her put it on so she could be Super Elle--too cute!

And these are just a few more pictures of them being cute--Elle's obsessed with pigtails recently, so I finally convinced her to let me do "smaller" pigtails and not have all her hair up.

This is Lauren's "cheese" face!
And, I've been trying to catch Lauren on video singing one of her favorite songs ("Happy Birthday"). This is only a little bit of it, but it's still pretty cute. Elle still loves pretending it's everyone's birthday, so I'm sure that's why Lauren likes the song so much.

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